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Daily Money Manager

Meadowlark Financial Care, LLC is seeking a part-time Daily Money Manager. The Daily Money Manager (DMM) is a financial professional who provides personal financial services to individuals and families, and who manages personal daily money matters such as bills, budgets, and record keeping. The DMM functions as a trusted partner with the company’s clients to promote financial wellness.

Essential Functions

  • Build and nurture strong client relationships, participate in internal and external client meetings & debriefs.

  • Assist client with paperwork management, including open and sort mail, prepare checks for client signature, balance checkbook, maintain paper and/or digital files.

  • Analyze and prepare personal financial reports such as Net Worth, Cash Flow, Income & Expense, Bill Pay Checklist, Spending Plans, & Debt Reduction Plans.

  • Collect data, analyze, draft, edit, and deliver comprehensive financial wellness plans to clients. Monitor outcomes.

  • Develop and maintain cooperative working relationships with a variety of Accounting, Legal, Financial, Healthcare, & Social Services professionals.

  • Adhere to company policies and procedures, including security guidelines. Maintain strict confidentiality.

  • Ensure information is timely, accurately, and thoroughly entered and managed within the company’s client management system.


Job Requirements and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree, or comparable experience, as evidence of a broad education and an ability to deal with diverse situations and people.

  • Highly self-motivated and self-disciplined with the ability to work effectively and independently.

  • Highly refined analytical and human relations skills with the ability to listen and ascertain the needs of clients.

  • Skilled in resolving conflicts and gaining cooperation among differing personalities and objectives.

  • Detail-oriented with strong follow-up processes.

  • Knowledge of fundamental personal finance principles and practices.

  • Strong computer aptitude with proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook. Microsoft Teams & SharePoint knowledge preferred.

  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, orally and in writing.

  • Must be able to do basic accounting and mathematical computations with a high degree of accuracy.

  • Experience with Quicken© preferred.

  • Must be able to work a flexible schedule and demonstrate effective time management.


Other Information

  • Candidate must have insured vehicle and be legally eligible to drive to client homes. A valid driver’s license is required.

  • A criminal history and background check is required and must be successfully completed prior to employment.

About Our Company

Meadowlark Financial Care, LLC located in Pickerington, Ohio is a privately held company that allows individuals and families to maintain financial independence that may not otherwise be possible due to physical, mental or time constraints. Additionally, we provide the opportunity for individuals to spend their time on activities that are more important to them. Although our services are extensive, our core business consists of helping with paying bills, balancing accounts, managing cash flow, deterring fraud, and organizing medical and financial records in a confidential, caring manner.

To apply, please follow the directions below.

  1. In lieu of a cover letter, we ask that you create a financial concern document. Please select one of the following groups of people. You may choose any of the following groups and are not being asked to reveal your own age as part of this exercise.

    • Older Adults

    • Middle Aged Adults

    • Young Adults

  2. With your selected group in mind, create a document answering the following questions.

    • In your opinion, what is the number one financial concern facing your selected group today?

    • What can you do as an individual to improve upon the situation?

    • How do you intend to accomplish this?

    • Why would you want to?

    • What risks or obstacles can you identify in your approach?

    • How can you mitigate the risks or overcome the obstacles?

    • What sources did you use to help form your responses?

  3. Email a copy of your resume and your financial concern document to Do not send a cover letter. We will contact you if we decide to pursue your application, but not otherwise. NO PHONE CALLS, PLEASE.

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